" Comprehensive opening up is the key to the survival and development of Hainan Island. Through deepening reform and continuous opening up, talents who support the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port will be attracted and absorbed to Hainan. We should take advantage of the convenient and preferential talent introduction policy of Hainan Free Trade Port to attract overseas students back to China and foreign talents, so that they could make innovations and start businesses in Hainan at ease, and take the initiative to bring necessary resources to Hainan to enrich the connotation of Hainan Free Trade Port and socialist free trade port with Chinese characteristics. It could also solve the problem of talent shortage for the development of Hainan." ( Chairman Xi Jin Ping )
Seeing it as our mission to contribute to the prosperity of Hainan, China and facilitate international entrepreneurs to establish and expand their businesses in Hainan, we aim to build ChronoCloud Innovation Center into a holistic platform that provides one-stop solutions to our entrepreneur clients, so they could focus on growing their innovative ideas, technologies and expertise into prospering businesses, or expand their established businesses in China via the dynamic island of Hainan, where they could enjoy multiple preferential policies!
Our Team
WU BING, Founder & CEO, ChronoCloud 

Previously held technical and senior management positions in Minnesota Department of Transportation, Siemens business services, McQuay, EDC, Warp networks (Nortel), HNA Group and other international companies

Bing first got access to Internet in 1990. He began to contact chronobiology in the early 1980s, and published many papers on chronobiology in SCI and other special journals in middle school 

Foreign expert talents (Category A)
Hainan high-end talents
Nanhai talents (2019)
WEN BIN, COO, ChronoCloud Innovation Center 

VP of operations, ChronoCloud

Graduated from School of Business Administration of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2009, and later joined HNA Group. After graduation, Wen Bin has engaged in the business of third-party payment. In 2010, he assisted the company in drafting the materials for "payment license", and became the first payment company to obtain "payment license" in 2011. From 2011 to 2014, Bin led the establishment of Shaanxi and Beijing branches of the 3rd-party payment company, and then mainly responsible for the implementation of smart city, logistics, scenic spot aggregation payment and OTA platform payment. Bin has obtained the title of senior economist in 2017. 

ANDREW ROMANS, Innovation Advisor

CEO & General Partner - 7BC Venture Capital

Author of The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital: Inside Secrets From the Leaders in the Startup Game and Masters of Blockchain, Digital Assets & the New Capital Markets: The rise of cryptocurrencies, token economies and what that means for startups, corporations and investors.

Based in Silicon Valley.
General Partner at Rubicon and also the CEO and General Partner of the Series A VC fund 7BC Venture Capital actively investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Financial Technologies (FinTech), enterprise and consumer internet and software startups. 

BRADLEY MORGAN, Innovation Advisor 

Chief Business Officer of a venture-backed, Mark Cuban funded facial recognition software company based in Cambridge, MA, founded at MIT Media Lab. Co-Founder and Partner of InnoTime Ventures, responsible for managing high quality investment deal flow of innovative healthcare, technology, and blockchain companies into Chinese government funded investment vehicles. 25 trips to China since 2014 (spending on average 3 months per year in China), with a vast network of high level government, financial investors, strategic investors, companies and individuals in various verticals across all of Mainland China and Hong Kong. Frequently assists promising early stage companies gain access to Chinese grants, investment, and commercial market access in all major regions in China. 
-Helped raise over $20M for startups worldwide 
-Serial entrepreneur, strong relationships with VCs in the US, Europe and Israel and China.
 -Recognized expert in helping companies gain market access and investment in China.
GONG BIN, VP, Human Resource, ChronoCloud
Master of Business Informatics, University of Michigan, USA. Gong Bin has been a senior vice president of Fortune-20 enterprises for a long time. He has accumulated many years of international cross-cultural work background. He has been an executive mentor and coach of EMBA international class of Marseille business school and Antai Business School of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and a Distinguished Visiting Professor of SKEMA Business School of France. 
In his 30-year career, Gong Bin not only served as a business development executive in the automotive industry of the United States, responsible for joint venture negotiation and management of Chinese projects, but also served as a senior human resources director in the Asia Pacific region and China. As a senior Asia Pacific executive of the top 500 enterprises, Mr. Gong Bin has long focused on the identification, development and training of cross-cultural senior leaders. He has rich professional knowledge and practical experience in all aspects of the high-end field of human resources.
CHUNZI HUANG, Senior Accountant
With 6 years of experience working in finance in Hainan free trade port.

Familiar with all types of bookkeeping, tax declaration, financial planning for various companies.

Now leading the financial department to provide financial services for clients of ChronoCloud's.
CYPER WU, Head of IT
Graduated from University of International Relations (UIR, Beijing).

With 5 years of experience in programming and application development.

Responsible for the tailored construction of intelligent platforms to help clients of ChronoCloud's integrate digital intelligence into their businesses.
ABBY WANG, Senior Consultant
Graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

8 years of experience as a sales consultant in multiple areas including trading, consumer goods, headhunting service.

Quick to understand customers' needs, offer quick proposals and deliver satisfactory solutions by gathering the team's expertise together in the most effective way to solve the clients’ problems.