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I plan to import wine from France through my Hainan company. How can I get licensed to do that?
1. First, you'd need to register a company's business license with the business scopes including goods import & export, food import & export, food retail, etc. 

2. Then, apply for your company's registration at the China customs and get the U-keys to log in the China International Trade Single Window, which is the China Customs' online system for all Chinese import & export trading deals. 

3. Last step, complete the registration in the registration system of imported food and cosmetic importers and exporters. 

After all these registrations completed, voila! You're fully licensed to import wine from outside of China! 

However, if you import barrels of wine and plan to repackage it after importing, you'd also need to apply for the Food Business License, which is mandatory for every company that produces or processes food and beverages.
My client asked me to issue them a Fapiao (Chinese VAT invoice), how do I do that?
To issue Fapiaos, your company will need to apply for the Fapiao issuing U-key and Fapiao sheets from the local tax bureau, and ask an experienced accountant to fill in the information in accordance with the payment and sales contract. Remember, Fapiao is THE MOST important accounting documents regulated by the China tax system and any error in Fapiao issuing could lead to serious consequences influencing the company's credit. Therefore, Fapiaos must be issued in a highly prudent manner and corrected if any errors or misprinting occur.
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