PR & Publication
With our connections and publication platforms in Hainan, we are capable to promote your business, products and projects through multiple channels, including major medias, offline roadshows, presentations to targeted government officials and investors, building up business connections with potential local partners, etc.

With our bilingual team and resources, we could make your promotion bilingual to attract attention from both Chinese and expat clientele.

If you have your great products or projects, however, are limited by the lack of necessary business connections to implement your business in Hainan and in China overall. Do not hesitate to contact us!
Case Studies
The Li Brocade and Decorative Patterns Selection Campaign was an event held to promote the Li Brocade minority art treasure of Hainan. 

The event organizer was hoping to obtain more exposure overseas and among expat communities, so that this traditional art form could receive more international recognition and appreciation. 

For this purpose and hearing that ChronoCloud has been accumulating and maintaining global connections, the event organizer came to us and we tailor-made a service package for this event and eventually not only raised its exposure overseas but also attracted several expat participators who submitted their designs and one of them won the 3rd prize in the solicitation.
Li Brocade Design Selection Campaign
Bartini Technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bartini" or "the company") is an intelligent autonomous aircraft technology enterprise, which provides automatic aircraft products and solutions for customers in many industries around the world. 

With the support of Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and ChronoCloud International Innovation Center, Haikou FullSing Offshore Innovation Base, the company was officially established on December 5, 2019. The R & D team is developing evtols electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles with completely independent intellectual property rights. Using lithium battery, hydrogen energy, vertical take-off and landing and turbine power, bartini aircraft is very suitable for short distance travel, sightseeing, emergency rescue, medical emergency and navigation needs, and is a leader in the industry. 

Upon the project  being introduced to the innovation center through an intermediate party, ChronoCloud Innovation Center has been working to land the project in Haikou and handled the company registration, work permit application for key project leaders, preparing the work space and presenting the project to multiple investors and government officials, etc. 

At the beginning of 2020, the project has obtained the angel investment fund of 10 million yuan from the Department of industry and information technology. Now the Bartini team is working closely with the ChronoCloud in all aspects and is estimated to come in Haikou and start operation within the year.
Bartini Evtol Flying Vehicle