HR & Visa
As you might be looking to expand your business in Hainan, very likely you'd need to hire your employees to accomplish that with you. 

When it comes to hiring, you might come across questions like: 
How do I apply for a work permit and residence permit for myself and my expat employee in Hainan? 

How to find the right local Chinese talent? Do I need to pay for my employees' Chinese social securities and what else public funds should I pay as an employer in China? 

How do I calculate their after-tax salary deducting the personal income tax and social securities, etc.? 

Leave these tasks to CIC! We strive to offer you the most legit, satisfactory and cost-effective human resource management solution to make you worry-free on these hassles! 
Our HR services include:
Salary calculation
Social benefits
Drafting employment contracts
Daily operational support
Applying for Hainan subsidies for talents
Work Permit & Residence Permit
Visa always comes first for an expat working and living abroad! 

With our international team from various countries, on top of having the expertise and first-hand practice of applying for work permit and residence permit for our expat staff, we also have the rapport with our expat clients who are eager to work in Hainan, but unclear about how to apply for a work permit here, or not sure about the dos and don'ts when it comes to such matters. 
By entrusting us to walk you through the application process, you could: 
Save much time; 
Have our staff help you communicate with Chinese entities involved; 
Enjoy our 1-on-1 consulting service to answer any questions you might have in this matter.
Based in FullSing, ChronoCloud has the access to one of the 4 Service Centers for Foreigner's Work Permit in Hainan, where the work permit application could be pre-screened before sent to the Foreign Expert Bureau for a speedy approval.