Registration & Licensing
By entrusting us with such tedious but insider-know-how tasks, you could save your energy and better focus on your business opportunities, which is the most important. 

Extra advantages of having your business registered by ChronoCloud:  

1. Address within one of the 11th high-tech industrial parks with the privilege to enjoy the latest beneficiary policies and business news. 
2. Free access to ChronoCloud facilities including water purifier, fridge and microwave oven.  

3. Free/discounted access to ChronoCloud events/seminars/trainings, etc.  

4. Entitled with ChronoCloud Silver Membership and membership discount for other CC corporate services automatically. 
Eager to implement your business idea in Hainan FTP, but not sure how? Contact ChronoCloud NOW. We got it covered! 

As a local company in Hainan who has been at the forefront of business practices in Hainan and analyzing the latest beneficial policies for business in Hainan, we have gained an expertise in walking our clients through the process of registering their companies, completing tax registration and applying for licensing for businesses of special industries, such as import & export licensing and e-keys for e-port system, registration certificate for medical device sales, etc., saving them the hassles running back and forth among all sorts of counters.