From the very beginning of the establishment of ChronoCloud Innovation Center, our mission has been to facilitate expat entreprenuers to expand their businesses in Hainan and bring more dynamic ideas and technologies to the booming island of Hainan, China.

We fully understand the struggles entreprenuers could encounter when trying to establish their business in a foreign country, where the procedures could be drastically different and the communication often confusing. 

Therefore, we aim to provide to our clients one-stop solutions including business registration, office space, accounting & finance, HR management & visa application, project management, publication and marketing assistance, etc.

By entrusting us with such tedious but insider-know-how tasks, you could save your energy and better focus on your business opportunities, which is the most important. We take great pride in well facilitating you to develop your business in Hainan, China in a most efficient manner.

Seeing the expansion of our business in the great market of China and the favorable Hainan Free Trade Port policies, we have decided to establish a branch company in Hainan. Through a business connection we found ChronoCloud and they basically act as our Chinese office! From business registration and licensing to finance and accounting, and to administrative work such as our employees' salary calculation and Chinese social security management, etc., ChronoCloud has taken detailed and good care of our business in China! The team is professional, highly responsive and trustworthy! For a company that has never set its own foot in China we are very happy to have found a trustworthy local business partner who is seasoned in business operations and management in China and great to work with! In 9 months, the revenue of our Hainan branch company has reached 5,000,000 RMB, triple of our revenue from China in the past two years, which we are quite happy to see! We are eagerly anticipating the future expansion of our business in China through Hainan!
Polina – Business Development Director of aRussian trading  company                                                                                      
Last year was a tough one for almost everyone, especially expats in China! I was super anxious about my work as due to the Covid-19 situation, my previous employer was downsizing and wouldn't renew the employment contract with me. Therefore, the most concerning issue is my own soon-to-expire work visa! As I still want to explore the opportunities in China, in such critical time, I learned about the supportive policies in Hainan and got in contact with ChronoCloud. They not only have walked me through my company registration and work permit application within a miraculously short time of 3 weeks! But also, they have been answering my many questions about accounting, tax declaration, etc. and for someone who has no prior experience in such matters in China, I do need a professional consulting firm like ChronoCloud to help me handle all these so that I could focus on developing my business!
Marco – Entrepreneur, Founder of a Digital Technology  Company
Rob Mackey, CEO Haron-Mackey Consulting Ltd
As a foreign entreprenuer, starting a company in China can be daunting! But, from day 1 Abby and their team at ChronoCloud have been there supporting me. The level of service I have received has been exceptional and my needs have always been profressionally met. I would definitely recommend Chronocloud!